* Certified Evaluator for American Kennel Club (AKC)

* VP/ Assistant Training Director Massachusetts Ring Club (Former)

* Vice President of North American Ring Sport Association (Retired)

* ASR Decoy Certification

* NARA French Ring Decoy Certification National Level 1

* NARA French Ring Decoy Certification National Level 2 (and Recertification)

* ARF Decoy National Level 2  

* New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy & Working Dog Foundation Decoy

* NARA Decoy of the Year (2003 & runner up 2002)

* Eastern Zone Championship Decoy (2003)

* NARA National Championship Decoy (2003)

* USA Team Captain for International World Championship (2007 in Douai, France)

* President & Training Director Primo Ring Club (Former)

* President and Founder of West Palm Dog Sports Club

* Co-Founder of America Ring Sport Federation (ARF)

* PSA Decoy Certification

* Cups of America Decoy (2004 International Invitation only event)

* NARA National Championship Decoy (2005)

* NAWBA World Championships Decoy (2005)

* NAWBA Invitational Championship Decoy (2006)

* Paws for Liberty: Designer & Therapy/Service dog Trainer

(Non-profit, Donation based, Retired)


* Private Security Canine Coordinator & Lead Trainer (Private Company)



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