Canine Body Guard & Escort Services

Precision K-9 Plus is happy to announce that our legal team is in the process of partnership contract negotiations and completing legalities to be able to bring you and our future clientele this highly specialized service.  We are looking forward to the finalization of all necessary documentation and indemnity so that we may bring you Canine Body Guard and Escort Service legally, safely, and ethically.  In such a service it is our goal to put the clientís safety, as well as our own, in the highest priority. 

All teams will fulfill government standards and regulations pertaining to requirements and background.  We also ask that all teams possess a current license under the government licensing regulations, and pass rigorous displays of expertise with their canine(s).  You as the client are assured that all of our teams are proficient with the use of the K-9ís as well as any arsenal that we have at our disposal.  Your safety and well being are of the utmost importance.

We offer hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates price, based on the desired service duration with a minimum of 4 hours daily.  National and international travel is available upon scheduling availability and prior notification.  All travel expenses are paid by the client and a 24 hour rate will be applied.  Remember that all rates pay for the canine with handler, and the travel and care required for the K-9. 



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