Executive Protection Dogs



Looking for a customized protection dog?   Precision K-9 Plus offers Executive Protection Dogs for sale that we feel are at the top of the pinnacle for imported canines.

We have a long standing personal relationship with some of the most experienced and elite canine professionals throughout the world such as the USA, Holland, Slovak, Belgium, Finland, and France, to help you obtain the right dog.  95 percent of our executive protection dogs are imported from outside the USA, because the culture and belief for canines are very different.  We want to make sure that we bring you the best possible canine for your needs.  Depending on your requirements, once the dog is with us, we will add any customizing in training that you may require.  This gives you the behaviors or special Situational training you may need.

Precision K-9 Plus Executive Protection Dogs are considered to be the top of the line.  We have the mindset to offer executive protections dogs by quality, not quantity.  After speaking with you and defining your needs we will custom match and custom pick the K-9 with you, unlike other companies.

Contrasting to our competitors, we have seen enter this part of the canine industry, we do not “stock pile” dogs.  We will not just push or convince you to purchase a dog that does not fit into your situation.  We do not believe in high pressure sales just to move the dog so we can open up kennel space for the next one.  You, the client, are the one who doesn’t get the right protection dog in that type of situation.  If you want an Audi A4, we will not push a Saab 9³ on you just to get it off the lot.

Our executive protection dogs are trained to perform their duties without question, to keep your family out of harm’s way.  We also seek dogs that are or can be trained to be socially intelligent, well mannered, reliable, predicable, and a gentle companion around your family.  Giving them the ability to go anywhere with you so they may provide companionship and protection,

We believe the transition into the family or your private estate team is just as important as the actual selection and purchase of the dog.   We will hand deliver your executive protection dog to you, so we may acclimate everyone to your new family guardian.  All costs of delivery, hotel, rental car and airfare, as well as, time compensation of 3 to 4 days for canine transition and handling courses at his new home, will be included in the final purchase price of your new best  friend and  families safety net.

Precision K-9 Plus also has the ability and knowledge to bring in competition dogs that have the ability to reach a higher level than your current competition sport dog partner.   We can also assist you with locating, testing and transitioning a new law enforcement K-9 partner that has police service preparation or a highly capable green dog.



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