Poochie Paddle

 Not all dogs are born with the knowledge of how or the capability to swim. For their protection, you should have them taught to swim properly, and to use the stairs to get out of the pool. Most dogs die from drowning not because they cannot swim, but because they cannot get to safety.  Water safety is important if you are a family that enjoys pool time, or family and social cookouts. If you are an ocean goer and want your dog to accompany you, teach them to be comfortable in a life-jacket, and stay in a safe place while the boat is moving. We can assist you in teaching your dog proper water safety. Now remember not all dogs can swim, it is not a natural action for some breeds. Your dogs build can be a major deterrent when teaching water safety.  This is a sink or swim situation, some dogs will just naturally sink and panic, that is why proper water safety needs to be taught.



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