Private Detection Services

Precision K-9 Plus also provides drug detection services as well.  This can be performed in homes, vehicles, businesses, and schools.   We are discreet about the situation and will honor a client’s privileged ethics code of privacy.  With one call, Precision K-9 will schedule a private, discreet, confidential, and complete search of your chosen property for narcotics.  This service provides you with a confidential method of discovering if someone you love or work with is using illicit or non-prescribed drugs in your home or business.  The possession and use of illegal drugs is not only a health concern but also a safety issue.  If you are concerned with the possible use or possession of illicit or non-prescribed drugs, then feel confident that there is a way to discover if your worries are valid.

There are many reasons to hire a private company for a drug search.  Discretion is at the top of that list.  Precision K-9 does not have the authority or the ability to make arrest based upon the finding of drugs, unlike professional law-enforcement personnel.  This leaves the parent or authority figure in control of the situation.  The obvious presence of law-enforcement alerts neighbors to a situation.  Precision K-9 will show up like a normal business call.  There will be no nosy neighbors looking out their windows, “checking the mail” or “trimming their hedges”.  Privacy is our goal when you call our company for detection. Private Drug Detection is legal and discreet because the canines are detecting for the presence of odors, therefore the remediation can be managed at your discretion.  “Many young people in treatment programs have said that they had used…drugs for at least two years before their parents knew…” (Parents. Anti-Drug.)

We are also available day or night for your scheduling convenience, to search the personal property of your choice.  We are affordable, compared to legal counsel and court fees, and the possible permanent record of your child, or love one.  You have the ability to call us for any form of controlled substance search, even just basic routine checks.  Unlike law enforcement agencies, we are not restricted to come with probable cause or a search warrant. 

We provide searches for homes, personal property, schools and private businesses, call for more information about our pricing.  No concern is too small or too big for you not to call and have your fears denied or confirmed, to give you peace of mind and the safety of you and your loved ones. 




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