Vacation School

Vacation school is a 2 week board and train basic on-leash obedience program.  This program focuses on giving your pooch the understanding of the basic obedience commands on a 6 foot leash.  These commands include: 1.Heel 2.Sit 3.Down 4.Stay 5.Come. It also allows time to work on one or two behavioral issues that you may be having, such as, nipping, potty training, jumping, excessive barking, and fear or aggression issues. 

Upon pick up of your dog, you and your family will see a demonstration along with a private one-on-one lesson with your dog with one of our trainers. Please remember that we cannot recreate your home environment 100 percent however, this will start the process of better communication and control which go hand and hand in solving behavioral issues. You then will have a follow-up session with our trainers to cover any issues you may be having implementing any of the learned techniques. 

This program is designed to lead into a farther advanced training package. It is suitable for some family situations and for overall basic obedience. Other clients feel that after this package they want more advanced training then what Vacation School offers; this may be due to a change in your lifestyle or by mental maturity in your pooch.  If jumping immediately into a higher level of training interest you please view our Training Camp and Boot Camp options. 



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