Precision K-9 Plus is dedicated to giving our clients what they need, in the training of their dog. At Precision K-9 you will be learning from world renowned trainer and behavior modification specialist, Frank Cowen. We offer top training techniques for all breeds and use a variety of activities to teach your personal K-9 from the beginning, whether Basic Obedience, Advanced or all the way up to Protection training. Frank understands and is experience with European techniques allows him to incorporate these procedures and training styles along with Behavior Modification to turn your new pup into an obedient friend or your mature problematic pooch into a courteous canine, and even make your work partner capable of completing task you never thought possible!

Precision K-9 Plus trainers have over 20 years of international experience giving us the ability to train dogs using multiple techniques. We do not believe every dog should be trained exactly the same way by any trainer. Trainers should be well versed in using many different training tools and techniques. We at Precision strongly believe each family’s requirements and abilities are special, as well as their canines. A dog is a family member; they are with us for a life time. Because our pets are a part of the family; Precision feels that you should have the best educational opportunities possible for your family member.