Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Our clients feel this is the best advanced off-leash Obedience program around and a great beginning if you want to enter into our family protection program or you just enjoy having the ultimate freedom of being to take your pet anywhere, at any time. Imagine being able to take your dog with you and the family to dine Bistro style at the beach or go to have Espresso and read the paper, knowing that “Lady” will stay where you put her. This is what off-leash obedience can do for you. The luxury of taking your companion everywhere with you is an advantage that can be extremely liberating.

kages to give “Fido” full off-leash obedience. It is a total 6 week program. We begin with Training Camp for the first 21 days, and then expand by including full off-leash!

*State and local laws and regulations apply to all dogs.This program is an integrated design of all our available pac

The commands include: 1.Heel 2.Sit 3.Down 4.Stay 5.Come & 6.Place.  with possibilities of more commands (depending on your dogs’ learning curve), such as hand commands!

This is a full 6 week (42 day) program, we cannot stress this enough. It cannot be a reduced time and there are situations that require an extended stay. At the end of this program you will have a one-on-one session with our trainer to teach you how to implement the commands and see what your pet has learned. Then you are given 3 family sessions at your home, public and at Precision K-9 to reinstate the techniques and diagnose and correct any obstacles or issues that you may be having.

It is vital that you can keep the same mind set of the dog so that “Fido” stays extremely proficient in all of the information that he has learned. Following the structured guidelines that Precision will advise you to use is extremely important to allow your pet to understand that their home is still their home, yet a place that does have rules. The more you work with your dog the better and more advanced you and they will become. This program gives you the ability to endless limitations.

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