Habit Rehab

Habit Rehab

We have all heard of behavior modification, and if you have children you may have even used some techniques to get your child to clean his room.

You cannot bribe “Fido” with a punishment of a time-out or a reward of ice-cream for dessert, but you can bribe them with what they like best, positive stimulation. Dogs enjoy positive pack energy, and behavior modification can use this to retrain the bad behavior into an action that is acceptable.

So “Fido” chews on the furniture leg, or eats your child’s homework, but what if “Fido” only chewed on his bone or toy. Maybe “Lady” pees on the kitchen mat…well behavioral modification can teach her that going outside is the only acceptable place to go bathroom. Does “Spot” jump on people who come over?

All of these things are behaviors that need to be redirected into an action that is acceptable. Because time out is not an appropriate way to teach proper manners for a dog, Precision K-9 plus uses techniques that have been successful in many situations, and if needed will adapt a new or adjust a method for your problematic pooch. Teaching alternative outlets for your pets’ energy is a specialty at Precision K-9. We take the time to understand where the behavior comes from and therefore are able to give your dog an acceptable channel for the energy that may be a linking cause to the behavior.

This program is designed upon your needs and is scheduled accordingly to the evaluation and needs of the client and their family canine.