Home School

Home School

Home school is designed for those clients who are too busy to come to us or may be on a budget. In this package we will come to your home once a week for one hour to work with you and your dogs’ obedience commands and pinpoint any issues you may behaving.

Precision K-9 may work with you in your home, yard or neighborhood; while teaching basic on-leash commands. You will then need to take the time each day to continue your dogs’ education. Much of the teaching falls on to your shoulders, but we will teach you to teach your pet. You will be taught the techniques to continue practicing and teaching the family and your pet during the week until the next session.

Commands include:


The program relies on your time daily and your patience, the repetition of dog training is not the most entertaining venue there is for some. Training your dog can be fun or frustrating, and your four-legged family member will exhibit what you were able to accomplish during the week, and what commands you became too frustrated on to finish. Do not get discouraged though, without training there are no accomplishments.

As with all of our training program packages, this program is designed for you and your dogs’ needs in mind. Every family is a special situation and some accommodations can be made to fit into your circumstance.