Meet the Trainer

At around eight years old, Frank Cowen was spending the day with his family at Castel Island, in South Boston, when a mangy German Shepherd jumped into the family car. The family decided to take him home and try and locate “Buster’s” family. After many unsuccessful attempts, Buster became the family pet and Frank’s dog training days began. Teaching Buster manners; was the first accomplishment that was successful for Frank. Soon Buster started walking lil’ Frankie to school. Then…the fun stuff started. Frank taught Buster to pull a Big Wheel for extra speed, and play fetch and catch the Frisbee and his basic OB like sit, down, stay and come. Frank and Buster became brothers. Buster eventually passed on from age, but Frank’s love of canines was just beginning.

Over the years Frankie had several dogs, ranging from mix breeds to Rottweiler’s. He was a self taught trainer that had a connection to his canine friends and family. In his mid-twenties Frankie had learned all he could on his own and decided to seek out a professional for Damian, his Rottweiler. This was when the training facility that Frankie chose to attend for assistance, saw his potential. This began his professional training career. Frankie worked at this private company in Boston, MA for several years. During this time he had the fortunate experience of learning progressive techniques in personal protection, law enforcement and clients’ family pets.

Following that, Frank was recruited and became one of the head trainers at a growing and soon to be successful dog training facility; where he was able to work with hundreds of dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments. In this environment, he was able to deal with many issues that dogs may have on a daily basis including: housebreaking chewing, jumping, and barking, all the way to aggressive tendencies. He was also able to work as a decoy for the training of numerous canine protectors, and the local police departments. Frank has had the opportunity of participating in the training and testing of numerous police service dogs. Many hours were also spent purchasing dogs from Europe; testing these dogs and training for police services dogs for multiple police departments, as well as U.S. Customs.

He later discovered French Ring Dog Sport* which became his passion. French Ring Sport is a very challenging competition for both the dog and the handler. It involves rigorous training and it consists of scoring in exceptional obedience, superb agility, and relentless dedication from the dog when it comes to protection. It is considered by many professional trainers (in the dog sport genre) to be the most demanding work that one can ask of a dog. Frank has become well known in the competition dog sport society due to his many successful wins. Various other competitors that have trained under Frank have been able to title their dogs in French Ring, PSA, ASR and other dog sports. He has spent countless hours training dogs for patrol procedures, deployment, apprehension, area searches and the art of detection. In fact, several of his imported dogs, as well as dogs exclusively trained by Frankie, have been sold to homes for protection, police departments, and private companies throughout the country and internationally.

Frank is very accomplished in the genres of training dogs for personal protection, detection, and competitions. He has a valuable asset in his ability to test dogs and develop the foundation for working K-9’s for police, government and private agencies. However, after over 60 competitions, against some of the best in the world, and over 10 successful years on the trial field, breaking long standing records while setting new ones, and raising the bar for others to strive too; Frank has now decided to slow down and retire from personally competing in dog sports. The retirement allows Frank to be able to use his specialty in training to focus on working with the public once again. His availability opens him up to working with family pets and assisting in the training of working K-9’s. He also has the pleasure of training young decoys, and aspiring trainers. Because of his extensive knowledge, well earned respect and ability to reach new standards, Frank is consulted by other professional trainers for advice in particular situations for their canine trainees, solving problems, sharing new techniques, and teaching new methods.

Frank’s love for dogs goes far beyond the normal definition; his love for the canine species is a true passion. He enjoys working with household pets just as much as the working breeds. His passion for dog training has come full circle now. Frank is inclined to go back to the foundation of his professional start and concentrate more on working with families on all levels of dog training. This will subsequently spread and share his knowledge and abilities with the average family, in turn giving the canine member of each family, manners and creating a dog that is a joy.