More Testimonials

I have the BEST dog, thanks to YOU! My dog is perfect for us, and you sure do know how to pick them!

I vividly remember the day that you got down on your hands and knees and observed the six week old puppies to see which puppy would fit our needs.
You, obviously, were right on the mark! He is perfect!

Our German Shepherd has the greatest disposition. He walks on the street and is the friendliest dog. People stop and pet him all the time.
He has even licked babies’ toes and hands. Thanks to YOU, he is wonderful!

His obedience is superb. When I say anything, he reacts immediately. I am always in control and he is aware of this, due to your diligent training.

Your advice has always been very accurate. Because of you, some of the health problems that we have had in the past are gone completely. You solved problems when my Vet couldn’t. You are AMAZING!!

Since we are his parents, we consider you his special relative, for you treat him with care, kindness, and control, just as a family member would treat their own.

When we go away and leave him with you, we know that he is in excellent hands. We never worry about him. He is always very healthy when we pick him up and looks great.

We are so appreciative that we have you in our lives and thank you for all that you do.

Lynne Leslie

How do you know you have the best trainer in the state? When your dogs go racing toward Frank when it’s time for a lesson! After having Precision K9 Plus highly recommended to us, we sent our 3 dogs, a Blue Heeler and two very stubborn Yorkshire Terriers, to Frank for training. . From the consultation in our home, we knew immediately Frank was going to change our lives.

Our Heeler “Roo,” went for the 6 week program at 9 months old. Frank took our great dog and made her an AMAZING dog. We have the most obedient, perfect pup you ever did see. Heelers, in general, want to work for you, but to see our girl heel at our side, looking up at us waiting for her next command, is a dream dog we never thought we would have. Our Yorkies went for 3 weeks and finally, oh thank Frankie, finally, they listen to “sit, down, stay and come!”

Better than even having the perfectly trained dogs, Frank is the BEST at training we humans, which is actually probably the hard part. He is so kind, calm, and supportive, he answers questions and concerns with the patience of a Saint, he responds quickly to messages left, and inevitably, an issue or question will arise you need him for. The lessons he comes to give in your house after the training are simply wonderful. He has also given lessons to our children because it’s important the dogs listen to every member of the family. (The patience of a Saint, I tell you!)

Truly, how outstanding is it when people walking their dogs stop in their tracks to look at YOUR dog and say, “wow..that’s an unbelievably well trained dog!” Frank has a gift and we are so fortunate he is sharing that gift with us. Frank is better than that guy on TV because Frank is real, he’s here, he can and will train YOUR dog, and he is way more talented.

The Capizola Family & Cocoa, Pebbles & Roo

I own and operate a Lawn and Landscape business. In January of 2008, I had one of my trailers broken into and lost many thousands of dollars worth of equipment. In Feb. 2008, I purchased a 9 week old German Shepherd puppy from a private breeder. I had no idea what I was going to do to train the dog but was interested in a personal protection program. I met Frank and after evaluating my puppy asked me what I wanted to accomplish, as I needed a tailored program to fit my lifestyle with kids, family ect. Frank explained to me what to expect and told me up front that my commitment would be the difference.

I am still a client and see Frank every week. I now am the proud owner of a Personal Protection dog that is social, well adjusted with a great temperament. Everything he has told me to expect has come into focus before my eyes. I have a wonderful relationship with my dog and she will obey when in social situations and protect when necessary or when told to do so.

Owning this type of dog has been a great experience for me and I would encourage anyone to use Frank’s services.
You are short changing yourself and your dog’s abilities if you do not train properly and use an experienced and dedicated trainer such as Frank Cowen.

“Thanks Frank”

Charlie Woodling

My wife and I were introduced to Frank several years ago when we first got our Rottweiler puppy, Zeus. Since then we have seen Frank transfer Zeus from an out of control puppy into an obedient and well disciplined adult dog. He was even recently able to help Zeus obtain an American Street Ring title on 2 days notice and we had not even trained for the event in over 6 months.
Along the way we have seen Frank do amazing things with every other dog we have ever seen him train. He can literally take a dog that is aggressive or does not listen to their owner at all and have him looking like a show dog within minutes. It is amazing. The famous Dog Whisperer on TV can’t even compare to Frank, he should be the one with a TV show. I would HIGHLY recommend Frank to anyone with any breed of dog……………….

Jarrod and Tammy