“My wife and I own a 21 month old American Bulldog named Nekko. Right now he is 121 pounds and would be a big problem had we not done obedience training for him when he was young. We called several places that offered classes before we found Frank. We were impressed with the knowledge and experience he had in not only dog training, but also dog behavior. We chose Frank because he offered a one-on-one personal training class for us and our dog. When he worked with Nekko he demonstrated and explained to us everything he was doing. That was important so we would be able to train with him on our own and do it correctly. He also worked with Nekko on some protection training and was very positive with him. It helped Nekko be more confident but at the same time be very obedient. We love our dog and would not trust just anyone with him. Frank cares about the dogs he trains and takes great pride in his work. That’s a quality that is getting hard to come by and we wouldn’t go to anyone else for dog training.”

Robert and Tina Cortes