Protection Training Sessions

Protection Training Sessions– program requirements depend on evaluation

This Program is designed especially for individual needs, based upon the dogs’ temperament and requires an evaluation. It is a customized training program that will give you the confidence to know that you and your family are protected, whether in public or at home.

This program is not an option for all dogs. Each canine has its own personality and some are not mental suited to do protection work, no matter the breed.

Proper Protection training will not change the personality of your dog. Specialized protection training with PK9P will NOT change your dog’s basic personality or make your family pet any less affectionate, friendly or tolerant of other dogs or people, including children. Protection dogs should be a proper balance between a canine family member and a superior criminal deterrent. The balance between protectiveness and companionship gives you the best of both worlds; when taught by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced protection dog trainer.