Puppy League

Puppy League Special! This is for Puppies between the ages of 8 to 22 weeks (5 months)

This program is designed for new puppy owners. It will give your new canine family member the basic understanding of proper social behaviors allowing you to enjoy the bounding bundle of joy.

Our puppy program is a 2-week board and train program that will give your pup the foundations of crate/kennel, bathroom, leash walking, the all-important No, as well as beginning of heel (leash walking without pulling) their name (as a positive only), sit, stay, down and come.

The words will become known to them and they will begin to recognize the word has an action associated with it, so that when further training is sought, the commands are reinstated for them to become a well trained canine pet.All pups and their adult counterparts, have a learning curve.

Just like children they all learn at different rates, therefore some pups may have better command of the training at the end of the 2 week program then others. This does not mean your dog is of bad breeding or unintelligent, it just means they may need a little extra attention.