Remote Information

Remote Information

We thought we would give some background on remote training collars, their origin and abilities. The remote collars we refer to today are collars that allow you to handle a remote hand held device that emits a vibration, or a mild pulse of electric stimulation under your control, much like a leash is used. This used with correct leash direction (in the beginning stages) helps the dog learn very quickly because his right (good) behavior is marked immediately as is his incorrect (wrong) behaviors are. His comparisons are made instantly. You are not arguing with your dog, your voice never rises. He learns to control his own actions quickly and easily without conflict. We feel this is a valuable training tool, used along with our other teaching methods in the correct implementation, the way they were designed to be used.

Electronic Collars have been around since the 1950’s. Electronics have evolved and improved enormously over the past years. Today with the advancement of modern technology Doctors are using electronics as an aid healing injures, as muscle simulators, along with Acupuncture treatments, & so on. These are not painful treatments, and science shows the value of these kinds of treatments more and more. As more of the dog population learns about the versatility of this training we are seeing the popularity and effectiveness of this remote collar approach to training rise, because of the reliability with proper execution.

People are discovering they can enjoy much more freedoms with their pets and bring them into distracting and public places and know they have a controlled and obedient dog. It is the lack of knowledge and education that gets people into trouble with anything. Dog training with a remote training collar is not different. The “controversies” that stem from the dog community concerning this area of training are simply a lack of education.

Police departments are using this training for more reliable dogs on their streets. Some dept are even making this mandatory. Organizations involved in Search & Rescue are finding huge value in the abilities to direct their dogs at distances. Trailing dogs for Law Enforcement are finding this training valuable and saving many training hours and lives in the process. Dogs used in service for the disabled are also finding an enormous asset in training, both in time and in transferring the ability of the trained animal over to the new owner. The positive attributes the remote training collars give us with proper training are endless. It truly makes learning easier on the dog.

We have over 20 years of international experience giving us the ability to train dogs using different techniques we do not believe every dog should be trained exactly the same way by your trainer, Your trainer should be well versed using many different training tools and techniques. We at Precision K-9 Plus strongly believe each family requirements and abilities are different. As well as their canines needs.

A Leading Vet’s View on Remote Collar Training Dr. Kathryn J. Allen, DVM, Indian Bend Animal Hospital
“It seems the greatest concern with remote collar training is the fear that it is either harmful or painful to the dog. I’m sure there is occasional discomfort evoked by the collar, but my overall impression is that it is not only less painful than other traditional methods of training, but much safer. To suggest that remote collar training is cruel is ridiculous. In fact, I believe quite the opposite. A choke chain can be not only physically and emotionally challenging for the owner to manage, but is clearly difficult and often confusing for the dog as well. The remote collar is a quick and stress-free method of getting a dog to quickly learn what is expected of him. In my opinion this is what all dogs ultimately need, and once accomplished, they tend to be much more relaxed and content”

“The e-collar is one of the greatest training aids to teaching dogs, if you use them right…and can be the worst if you’re taught to use them wrong.” Our trainers at Precision K-9 are extremely knowledgeable in the use and proper application of using the remote trainers, we continue to fight to require all trainers and companies whom use these collars in the programs to have the years of training and experience in using these great tools as we at Precision K-9 Plus have.