“Our daughter received Rosebud, a yellow lab, for Christmas in 2009. Immediately, we recognized that Rosebud was very smart and energetic. We started puppy training with one company. They came to the house and spent time we us. When they were done they offered follow-up training, but we had to go to them. Rosebud was good, but my wife had problems controlling her. We found another company who came to the house, but again my wife still had trouble controlling her. We were at our wits end and seriously thinking about getting rid of Rosebud because she was too much for us to handle along with two kids.

Then we found Precision K-9. We explained our situation and Frank immediately identified the problem. He developed a plan with a solution and assured us it would work. We turned over Rosebud to Precision K-9 and eagerly awaited the results. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw how things turned out. Rosebud was a different dog. She not only listens to my wife, but also my daughter. Frank is always there for follow-up questions and to help us as we advance our training with Rosebud.

Rosebud is a pleasure to have around and we cannot thank Precision K-9 enough for their success. To top it all off, Precision K-9 is now the only place we use for boarding because we have seen how much they care about our Rosebud.”

The Moore Family