“I first met Frank Cowen in Feb ’10 when I took my 2 young, male, American Bulldogs to him for training. I wanted to get them started in the protection dog sport of French Ring. These dogs aren’t the best breed for protection dog sports and certainly not for French Ring. It’s a huge challenge but in just over a year, Frank has helped me by training both of these dogs to where they will both obtain the entry level title of French Ring Brevet in the fall of 2011.

Frank has made what I thought was going to be a very difficult endeavor relatively easy. This is a time consuming sport but the techniques and methods that Frank uses and has taught me have made it easy for the dogs and I to learn. He’s always willing to explain things in detail as well as, demonstrate them. This is a difference to my previous experiences with dog trainers, some of whom would get annoyed for simply asking a question. He’s a true professional. Another aspect that sets Frank apart from the others is that he truly cares about the dogs. Frank’s years of experience have given him a true sense of not only knowing why a dog is exhibiting a certain behavior but a real understanding of all breeds of dogs.

I would recommend Frank and his services to anyone, with any breed of dog, of any age, who’s looking a professional trainer.”

Jesus Alvarez