Training Camp

Training Camp

Our clients believe this is the best programs most cost efficient in relation to the final result!

Training Camp is a full 3 week board and train program designed specifically to start your family dog onto the path of full off-leash obedience.

This is not a “competition” type of off-leash program; it is for a more real life scenario remote collar training program. Training Camp has the ability for control and basic commands off-leash; at home, the park or on a hike, and is the foundation for an advanced full off-leash training program.

This package is built on a 2 part program that allows Precision K-9 plus to customize for your pets’ learning ability and temperament. Depending on breed and age we may have to adjust and supplement for the maturity level, attention span, and learning curve. However, you will have a great foundation, with the ability to advance to full control off-leash obedience as your dog mentally matures.

The first phase of this program starts with your dogs boarding and training with us for a minimum of 21 days. During this time we will work with your dog many times throughout each day. We do not perform the training sessions on a regimented time schedule.

Your dog will learn that obedience is expected at all times; whether 4 a.m. or in the middle of the afternoon. This program will mainly focus on teaching your dog obedience with the use of a remote training collar. We have the knowledge and experience to use many different techniques that will be productive an

d humane; Precision K-9 Plus has the rare expertise to customize different applications for many different types of temperaments. We will work on your dog’s individual needs along with mastering basic commands on-leash while he is in populated public places and off-leash while he is in the home, yard and controlled environments. As well as, working on any behavior issues you expressed to our staff.

You will have the control and pleasurable companionship of your dog that you were hoping for. This program will help your pet become a well mannered companion and a pleasure to be around. At pick-up, we go over how to use all the techniques as well as the remote trainer and its uses and applications, upon pick-up expect to spend some quality time learning your dog’s new commands how to implement them.

For the last phase of the program, we will come to your home or meet you in public on 2 different occasions. You may also come to us if you would like. During these follow-up home visits, we give you the confidence and understanding to be able to apply the proper timing and proper response to your dog. We will spend about an hour with you at each session giving you the confidence and knowledge to work with them.

We will show you how to keep the training they have learned correct and sharp. This is actually one of the most important parts of the program. When the training program is completed, we feel it is vital that you can keep the same mind set of the dog so the negative behavior does not return. Training only last as long and stays only as sharp as the effort you put into it. The more you work with you pet the more proficient your teamwork will become! Both you and your dog will enjoy the quality time!!!

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