Tuff Dog Pro

Tuff Dog Pro – program requirements depend on evaluation

This Program is designed especially for individual needs, based upon the dogs’ temperament and requires an evaluation. It is a customized training program that will give you the confidence to know that you and your family are protected, whether in public or at home. This program is not an option for all dogs. Each canine has its own personality and some are not mental suited to do protection work, no matter the breed.

A canine might not be the first security measure that comes to mind for most people. But our clients have found that canines are a highly effective choice with benefits beyond that of alarm systems, monitored surveillance, or even personal bodyguards. Canines have the ability to hear and smell long before a human realizes the changes in the environment. They can detect a possible intruder before an alarm has been triggered or even disarmed. In multiple studies and interviews conducted among convicted robbery and burglary felons, when asked what the most effective deterrent for their intentions

was, they repeatedly answered…protection trained dogs. Some criminals are afraid of the abilities of the dogs, and will avoid confrontation with them. It is much easier and much less risky to disarm an alarm then to disarm a dog.

Benefits of Personal Protection Training: In the year 2005, over 3 million homes were burglarized in the United States. In 2009 residential properties made up 67% of all burglaries, 61.1% of those are by forcible entry. US Department of Justice states that 1 out of every 5 homes will experience a home invasion. FBI says that every 12 seconds a home is invaded. Your dog could protect you and your family. Many experts believe that when properly trained, a protection dog is one of the best defenses against crime. Some of us have heard about protection trained dogs deterring a potential threat or stopping an assault to save the life of their owner.

Your dog can be a bodyguard in disguise. Proper Protection training will not change the personality of your dog. It will not make your dog mean. Specialized protection training at Precision K-9 Plus will NOT change your dog’s basic personality or make your family pet any less affectionate, friendly or tolerant of other dogs or people, including children. Protection dogs should be a proper balance between a canine family member and a superior criminal deterrent. The balance between protectiveness and companionship gives you the best of both worlds; when taught by an extremely knowledgeable and experienced protection dog trainer.

Proper and professional K-9 protection training by Precision teaches your dog to be alert and capable of responding if danger threatens. At the same time it gives the handler the confidence and ability to initiate, stop and control their dog.

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