Precision K-9 Plus is a small privately owned and operated company dedicated to adapting to our clients’ requirements for their dogs needs; whether the animal is a family pet or a professional working canine. At Precision K-9 you will be working with and learning from world renowned, owner and trainer Frankie Cowen, who specializes in communicating with dogs and understanding their behaviors. We offer the most modern techniques for a variety of activities, lifestyles and training. The modern training techniques that we utilize will assist in making your canine a trustworthy friend and family member, courteous society member or an irreplaceable working partner. When you make a world class decision and train with Precision you can accomplish what you never thought possible.

It is our mission at Precision K-9 Plus to accomplish the “impossible” while maintaining your dog’s individual personality, and building your confidence and ability in the handling of your dog. We are not a company that uses cookie cutter training. We present the ability to give back your dogs independence while maintaining control of your canine.

A pet should be a joy, not a burden. Using individualized techniques, customized for your pets’ family situation is a necessity. We believe that each canine has its own personality. We pride ourselves in keeping the dog you fell in love with while giving your canine and you the control needed to make your dog a joy.