“We have used Precision K-9 frequently throughout the past year and a half to train, as well as board, our Belgian Malinois. At our first meeting with Precision K-9 Robby was 13mos. old. As a rescue animal Robby had little training and we were uncertain of his background but to my amazement Frank and Robby shared an uncanny bond almost immediately and Frank’s assessment of Robby’s underlying personality was spot on.

Robby has attended Precision K-9 for the initial extended training program, “Doggie Training Camp,” for basic obedience training as well as weekend boarding for additional training. The facilities are clean and well kept, and Robby is always excited to see Frank again. Frank has also worked with Robby at home to correct specific behaviors like leaving the yard without permission and pool safety. (Imagine my surprise when Frank hopped into the pool with Robby so that Robby could overcome his anxiety of the pool.)

Both Frank and Jenna have gone out of their way to accommodate our family’s specific goals for Robby while maintaining their enthusiastic and professional approach to training. It is absolutely without reservation that I would recommend Precision K-9.”

Liesl De Luera