“I was referred to Frankie by a friend after spending thousands of dollars on previous trainers and having unsuccessful results. I’ve had my dog Bubs for almost four years now. I got him as a puppy and at around six months old noticed he was nervous and sometimes showed aggression towards strangers or other dogs. I tried several trainers, books, talking to vets, etc without any decent results.

I was a little nervous meeting Frankie with Bubs as I wasn’t sure how Bubs would react. From the moment I took Bubs to Frankie’s house for our initial meeting (sometimes the most nerve racking part in finding a trainer) I was at ease. I saw the way Frankie acted around Bubs which instantly helped both Bubs and I relax. He has the ability to sense exactly what’s going on with the dogs mind. Also, their training and boarding facility is immaculate!

I agreed to do an on-leash package with Frankie which started out at his house and we eventually made our way to public places. Frankie does a great job at explaining what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. When I would get frustrated during a training session Frankie would take over the leash and show me that Bubs really can listen and obey if the technique is done correctly. Seeing Frankie work Bubs gave us so much motivation to know what the results could be.

After the on-leash training we moved to e-collar training. Frankie answered all my questions regarding what results to expect and how the collar will benefit Bubs’ nervousness. We boarded Bubs for just over three weeks. One of the nicest parts about being away from Bubs for this long time was that Frankie would text/call with updates and pictures throughout the training process. This was absolutely awesome! When picking him up we were so pleased with the results. We couldn’t wait to get home and begin the training ourselves.

Even after we had paid for the training and had questions, Frankie and Jenna were very approachable and nearly always available to talk. They always return my calls/texts even to this day. If I hadn’t found Frankie I would have most likely been forced to get rid of Bubs. He’s made owning a dog fun again and has allowed us to give Bubs the quality of life he deserves. We now enjoy taking Bubs to a quiet park for off leash walks knowing we have complete control over him.”

Anthony, Jessica and Bubs