West Palm Beach Sports Club

West Palm Beach Sports Club

WEST PALM DOG SPORTS CLUB is an all breed, all age, all experience club dedicated to the promotion of working dogs and dog sports; such as French Ring, P.S.A., Mondio Ring and personal protection. With weekly training days, the club supports the movements that demonstrate the advantages of protection training; as well as, help organize and facilitate demonstrations and trials for dog sports.

The club has a variety of members; some are very experienced and have competed and won many times, some are new to this genre and would like to be at the top and some train hard for the enjoyment of doing more with their dog. If you are interested in joining W.P.D.S. with your working dog; feel free to contact us for fees. All breeds and ages of dogs and handlers are welcome to share in the Club training sessions. Puppies as young as 8 weeks may join or an older mature dog that needs refreshing or to learn new skills can join in the fun. Handlers with no experience and competitions winners, from ages of pre-teen to retirees have benefited from the knowledge of dog behavior, training, and handling shared during these sessions. Club members have the benefit of discussing with other handlers and our staff the feelings and experiences that they have had while working with their canines.

There is no limit on how long you may be a member of the club or how long you would care to train. Each session is geared toward the individual dog working at that moment and builds on the skills of that dog and handler. Handlers and dogs have been with the club for several years or just a few short months. Club training is established in a rotation to allow all dogs to have training time with the topic of their individual training ability. Club training is for protection and dog sports only.

Aspiring K-9 decoys are encouraged to join also. The decoys are an intricate part of protection and dog sport training. Though Frank does most of the decoy work, he has a soft spot for aspiring decoys, and has helped many become experts. The benefit of working with Frank to become a decoy is that he is one of the top ranked decoys in the nation and demonstrates techniques himself. The hardest part of this is working with Frank’s personal canines! The reason being is that his dogs (of course) are some of the strongest and well trained in club participation.

Frankie is the training director for the club. He has been training dogs in protection work in various sports for 2 decades including; but not limited to, French and Mondio Ring, P.S.A., A.S.R. and other personal protection sports. Under his direction, training and tutelage several dogs and decoys have obtained titles in these sports and some have been awarded the converted championship title. Frankie is one of the few trainer/decoys to be certified in multiple recognized dog sports. This allows him the added advantage of being able to work in many genres.

Frank has been awarded Decoy of the Year and runner up for decoy of the year as well as other outstanding titles for his decoy abilities. He has decoyed many, many, trials and multiple championships and competed in over 60 trials and been on the podium numerous times and is a multi-time champion with different dogs. This is due to his ability to keep the competition dogs safe as possible, yet still take their abilities to the maximum.

Working with someone as experienced and as successful as he has been is a rarity. Not everyone in dog sports has the luxury of being able to obtain this esteem of accomplishments. Working dogs genre is spread out over the map, but not evenly distributed between experience and success. There are just not many experienced, successful trainers compared to the number of people wanting to train for dog sports.

*Club membership is based on evaluation, acceptance, and ability to perform in dog sports or high level protection*

Don’t have time to train your dog, but want to compete and obtain titles…Want to purchase a high level imported trained dog and have it travel the world competing with one of the top trainers and competitors in dog sports of all time??? Over the years Frankie has taken a handful of very select clients’ dogs in to train exclusively with him…He will house them, care for them, train, compete and title these dogs to the highest level possible. Want a unique and rare opportunity to have the prestige of this accomplishment??? We offer this to only select clients. The cost for this opportunity and privilege depends on the level you wish to obtain and the ability of your dog.

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